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Refining-Based Financing Model


Mining Company

  • Provides an upfront payment to the mining company in return for a LOM discounted refining contract

  • Refines the concentrate / doré at either its affiliate refineries or through its LBMA global refinery relationships

  • Receives an ongoing market price discount on payable gold (with negligible effect on operator’s realized gold price as the discount is within normal market fluctuation)

  • Pays market price for mine production and offers full hedging and logistics solutions, as negotiated

  • Ships its concentrates / doré to Goldlogic for refining pursuant to the LOM refining contract

  • Financing is Non-Dilutive, Non-Stream, Non-Royalty; it behaves as Derivative / Contingent Liability

  • Goldlogic's Refining-based discount is not booked as an encumbrance. It's generally viewed as the realized revenue from production and as a cost of sales

  • Service and low Cost of capital to the Issuer


Invertir en minas de Oro y Plata
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